When did AW Thobe start?

Anaqa Al Watania is a brand that started changing the traditional Arabian dress market in 1991. The brand has since flourished and grown in numerous ways and continues to do so ensuring it’s products are tailored for all occasions and to meet the requirements of each and every customer.

Why did AW Thobe start?

In 1991, Anaqa Al Watania specialised and focused in retail manufacturing and had six of their own branded retail outlets in Jeddah and Makkah. The businesses focus was to provide an accessible store to it’s customers where they could find their dress items at the right price without compromising in quality. In 1997 post Mr Khalid Bakhder’s graduation in business, he inherited the business from his father and introduced a wholesale division to Anaqa Al Watania. The brand has since changed it’s focus to serving national and international customers directly from multiple retail outlets within the GCC and around the globe.

How has the company or the product changed over the years?

Anaqa Al Watania focused on retail from it’s own outlets when it was formed in 1991 retail. Since introducing and changing the focal point of the business to wholesale in1997, the brand has benefited from a much wider outreach and customer pool allowing the brands name to attain reputation within the market. In 1991, the brand specialised in one specific product, the V Neck design and today has managed to grow its product range to over 200 products.

What are some of the challenges the brand has faced over the years?

A key challenge any brand faces within any industry is customer reach and recognition. Since the change in business direction to wholesale targeting national and international markets, the brand has seen a stream of positive results. A basic concept that was understood by Anaqa Al Watania in 2000 was the interest in thrones from a wider community. The misconception that only Saudi nationals are the customer of thrones and are the only ones wearing throbes was overruled and the thobe has now become a must have for every muslim man on an international level.

What has helped the brand grow over the past years?

International tourism to the Saudi market has had a positive impact on the business alongside the thobe being worn by all sorts of nationalities. A new initiative by Anaqa Al Watania by investing in marketing has had a great impact on the brand awareness and customer reach which in return has attained a larger reach digitally alongside the traditional methods.

What does the brand stand for today?

Our focal point is embedded into each member of the Anaqa Al Watania team and that is to produce high quality thobes. We cater for all markets and ensure each one of our customers receives the best product allowing them to not only wear a stylish product but to make memories with it.

What are the values that the company believes in when dealing with customers, suppliers or other partners?

To ensure every customer is satisfied with their purchase. Founder and Director, Mr Khaled Bakhder says “I want every one of my customers to make duaa for me and not to feel they have a product they are not enjoying. It is my aim and my hope to exceed every customers expectation and to deliver them the best quality. I am confident in my brand and for that reason have a universal policy that if any customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, a replacement is guaranteed without question”

What specific things do your customers look for when choosing which thobes to buy? How do they make their decision?

Each customers preferences differ based on their personal likings. Some of the key factors that help make decisions include the design of the thobe, the colour, or pattern and the material or fitting. We do our best to meet the needs of our customer to ensure each one of those factors they take into consideration is met. Our products are made from two types of fabric, PC which is Polyester Cotton and PV which is Polyester Viscos, the highest quality of fabrics in the industry.