What makes Al Anaqa Al Watania Kaftans and Thobes better than the competitors?

When it comes to thobes, the fabrics and materials used is a key component. The feel, fitting, look and durability of the thobe is dependant on the fabric and material used in the manufacturing process. The fabric used at Anaqa Al Watania is of the highest quality and our stitching exceeds the industries top tier requirements allowing us to compare ourselves to international brands like Gucci and Armani. The industry standard provides one stitch per one inch and is common within normal brands. Anaqa Al Watania is proud to provide six stitches per one inch, thus allowing our quality for comparison with internationally recognised luxury brands.

What factors/details are considered when checking for quality?

In the factory where our thobes are manufactured, there is a chain of command and procedure that has to be followed by each employee. Each person has his own set role in the stitching of each thobe and this is known as The Chain System. Once each person in the chain system completes his task on the thobe, a quality check is conducted by a senior member before proceeding onto the next manufacturing stage to ensure no mistakes or errors are made. If a mistake has been made, it is investigated and is rectified immediately.

How does the company assure that the standards and quality are maintained? What steps are taken to assure the quality?

To maintain quality and to continue to exceed the industries standards, each person from our manufacturing team has a unique task that contributes to the complete manufacturing of each thobe. They are specialised in this task and are given the best resources and machinery to perform this task to the best of their ability.


Our factory follows a strict manufacturing process thus ensuring the quality and assurance of each of our products.

1. The initial design is born from a conceptual idea and is hand drawn on paper by the designer to bring the initial idea to life.

2. Once the design is drawn, a sample product is made on that design to have a visual product to assess how it looks.

3. Upon approval and viability of the sample product, a complete piece is manufactured by the master and is presented to the senior management for final approval before being added to the product list.

4. The manufacturing of each product including the design takes approximately 1 – 3 working days.

5. The manufacturing alone, post the design can be completed within 2 hours.

6. Once approved, one full piece is made and the company master is presented to the boss and then added to the list of products


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