Why should our customers (retailers) buy AW Thobe / Al Rawdha? What is the benefit to them? Or How is our product superior?

When it comes to thobes, the fabrics and materials used is a key component. The feel, fitting, look and durability of the thobe is dependant on the fabric and material used in the manufacturing process. The fabric used at Anaqa Al Watania is of the highest quality and our stitching exceeds the industries top tier requirements allowing us to compare ourselves to international brands like Gucci and Armani. The industry standard provides one stitch per one inch and is common within normal brands. Anaqa Al Watania is proud to provide six stitches per one inch, thus allowing our quality for comparison with internationally recognised luxury brands.

How can AW Thobe service international customers?

Anaqa Al Watania is currently serving customers in Algeria, Morrcoo, UAE and other countries for wholesale purchases. The brand sells directly in retail outlets in Saudi Arabia. Our expansion plans are to expand to Europe and have a distributor available locally in every continent to make purchasing of our product easy and hassle free.

Why should wholesale customers buy from us?

Anaqa Al Watania provides a complete A to Z solution for any enquiring party. From conception, design to manufacturing we are able to tailor make the requirements you have. Anaqa Al Watania is proud to have a large, highly qualified and efficient team in house that works on all aspects of your order. Contact us to learn more about these services.